Industry Consulting

Rick helps advisers and other financial professionals solve problems and pursue new opportunities. Whether the issue is investment management, brand awareness, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, increased regulation, fee compression, technology disruption or the rise of robo-advisers – Rick’s 30 years experience can help you succeed in today’s marketplace.

A complimentary 30 minute phone consultation is available with no obligation. Rick charges hourly thereafter. He also offers a daily rate for on-site consulting. Contact Rick to discuss your needs.

Investor Services (available April 2019)*

Rick has been setting investment policy and managing portfolios for individual clients and institutions most of his career. He was one of the first advisers to embrace a low-fee philosophy and offered significantly reduced asset management fees to his clients.

In April 2019, after a non-compete with his previous firm ends, Rick plans to disrupt the industry again by launching an ultra-low cost custom portfolio, advice and investment management company. The result will be a revolutionary ultra-low cost experience whereby each investor will have a customized portfolio for their needs, a dedicated low-fee adviser to speak with, and the option to use an independent low-fee portfolio management company.

Interested investors should Contact Rick to receive an SEC compliant brochure when available.

Core-4® Portfolios (coming soon)

Invest Simply with a Core-4® Portfolio!

How many mutual funds are needed to have a globally diversified portfolio? Some experts say a dozen or more is required. That may have been true a few years ago, but no longer. New products have become available that reduce the number of funds required to be diversified while lowering the overall portfolio cost.

Rick believes no more than four funds are needed to have a well-diversified stock and bond portfolio. He created a series of propriety models using his Core-4® strategy that will soon be available for free on (pending). Custom portfolio design will be available in addition to portfolio management services.

Advisers, fund companies, index providers and others interested in partnering with Rick on Core-4® Investing, including advertising opportunities on should Contact Rick Ferri, LLC.

Speaking Engagements

Rick is a nationally recognized speaker who presents regularly at industry and investor conferences. During these speaking engagements, he discusses his investment philosophy and shares his portfolio strategies for capturing stock and bond market returns at a very low cost. Contact Rick today to discuss content, availability and cost.

Core-4® is a registered trademark of Rick Ferri, LLC