Investors today are better educated and more self-reliant due to the democratization of investment information through social media and the internet. This has caused a huge shift in preferences for those who are seeking personal advice and portfolio management. The new era of advising spells opportunity for entrepreneurs who are building businesses to take part in this multi-trillion dollar shift.

Whether you’re an investment adviser, financial planner, or represent an investment company, brokerage firm, bank, insurance company, law firm, accounting firm, or publisher, I can help you succeed in today’s growing marketplace. I’ll advise you on all aspects of the investment advice business including industry trends, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, regulation, fees, and technology including the state of robo-advising.

If you’re a financial planner, consider creating an advisory board and contracting with me as your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO). As an advisory board member, I’ll provide a broad range of services from creating and implementing a firm-wide investment strategy to assisting with individual clients as needed.

My 30-year experience includes 10-years as a stockbroker at two Wall Street firms, the founder of a  successful $1.5 billion portfolio management firm that was recently sold, and now as an hourly, as-needed investment adviser.  Let’s discuss how you can use my experience to help you solve problems and pursue new business opportunities.  Industry consulting and OCIO Services are billed at $450 per hour. There is no minimum fee and no job too small.

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