PLEASE NOTE: There is a lengthy waitlist for new client consultations that extends into early 2023. Please send me a message using the Contact page to be added to the list. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I offer a comprehensive one-time personal finance review called a Portfolio 2nd Opinion™ for a fixed $995 fee. The service includes a pre-meeting document review, and a two-hour phone consultation where we discuss your goals, family needs, taxes, portfolio asset allocation and asset location, specific investments, distributions in retirement, and more. After the consultation, I’ll provide a written summary of our conversation, including my observations and recommendations.

There are no management fees, retainers, subscriptions, or extended contracts. This is simply a one-time review. People find this service a good value because their questions are answered and documented under one low $995 fee. Some clients request extra time in addition to the two-hour Portfolio 2nd Opinion. My current hourly fee is $450 per hour.

Alternatively, Jon Luskin, CFP®, provides a similar service at a competitive fee (see Jon’s website at He is available for consultations, usually within one month. Although Jon operates independently from my firm, I communicate with him often and provide consulting services to his firm.

These fiduciary services are for individual investors, trustees of family wealth, and fiduciaries who oversee retirement plans or the investment accounts of non-profit organizations. My services are only available in the US and for US citizens living abroad. Please note that I am not an asset management,  CPA, estate planning attorney, or insurance agent. Clients often consult with those professionals after our consultation.