I offer a comprehensive financial review called a Portfolio 2nd Opinion™.  The flat fee for this service is $995. It includes a pre-meeting statement and document review, personal consultation for up to two hours, and a written letter summarizing my observations and recommendations.

The goal of a Portfolio 2nd Opinion is to improve your financial situation by making your portfolio simpler, cheaper, and more tax efficient. During the consultation, we discuss your goals, family needs, taxes, portfolio asset allocation, fees and expenses, tax management, individual investments, adding and distributing funds, and more.

This is a one-time service for a one-time fee, which you pay after the consultation. There are no ongoing fees, asset management fees, pre-paid retainers, or subscription fees. Clients who return for additional consultations after their Portfolio 2nd Opinion pay $450 per hour, and the hour is pro-rated for calls lasting less than one hour.

This fiduciary service is for individual investors, trustees of family wealth, and individuals and committees that oversee retirement plans or non-profit organization accounts. My services are only available in the US and for US citizens living abroad. Please note that I am not a CPA, estate planning attorney, or insurance specialist. Most clients consult with those professionals in addition to my service.

NEW INQUIRES PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high demand for portfolio reviews, the waitlist for a Portfolio 2nd Opinion™ is about one year long. I apologize for the delay. Please contact me if you would like to be added to the list.

Jon Luskin, CFP®, provides a similar service that includes more financial planning. See Jon’s website at JonLuskin.com for his One-Day Financial Review.  Although Jon operates independently from my firm, I communicate with him often and provide consulting services to his firm.