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I provide financial advice under a one-time $925 fixed-fee for first-time clients and $450 per hour for current clients. Most clients are do-it-yourself (DIY) investors who manage their own accounts. Others are in transition from an adviser-managed relationship into a simple, low-cost, self-managed solution. Occasionally a client will request a referral to a low-fee portfolio manager for implementation after a consultation, which I can provide.

The $925 Portfolio 2nd Opinion™ is for new clients. This all-in fee includes a pre-call document review followed by a two-hour consultation where we discuss your financial goals, income needs, taxes, savings for retirement, distribution of assets in retirement, asset allocation, asset location, individual investments, tax-loss harvesting, gifting, a legacy plan, and more. I then provide a written summary of our conversation with my observations and recommendations. People find the Portfolio 2nd Opinion™ to be a good value because their questions are answered and documented in one session and under one known fee.

I charge $450 per hour for returning clients who have more questions or desire a periodic review. The $450 per hour fee is prorated using 6-minute intervals, so you only pay for the time used. For example, a 30-minute discussion will be $225.

This fiduciary service is for individual investors, trustees of family wealth, employers who oversee retirement plans, and committees responsible for managing the investments of non-profit organizations. My services are available only in the US. Please note that a consultation often includes advice on tax reduction, estate planning, and insurance needs, but I am not a CPA, estate planning attorney, or insurance specialist.

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