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It’s difficult to find unbiased investment advice for a low one-time fixed fee or hourly rate regardless of your net worth or financial situation. Most investment advisers are trying to sell products or push you into their ongoing portfolio management services.

I offer customized investment advice for a fixed fee. Most of my clients are do-it-yourself (DIY) investors, and people who are transitioning from an adviser-managed relationship into a simple, low-cost, self-managed solution.

There are two service options available for new clients: an all-inclusive Portfolio 2nd Opinion™ program for $750, and an hourly rate of $450.

The Portfolio 2nd Opinion™ program is for new clients. The $750 all-in fee includes a pre-call document review, up to a two-hour consultation where we discuss your financial situation, portfolio structure and investments, and a written summary of my recommendations. People find the Portfolio 2nd Opinion™ to be a good value because their questions are answered and documented in one session and under one known fee.

Alternatively, I charge $450 per hour prorated. This rate is for new clients who do not need much time, and for returning clients who desire additional advice. This fee is prorated using 6-minute intervals, so you only pay for the time used. For example, a 30-minute discussion will be $225.

My goal is to help you manage your own portfolio commission-free and without an ongoing adviser fee. Whether you’ve been a DIY investor your whole life or transition into one, I’ll help you simplify your portfolio, reduce expenses, and structure a tax-efficient plan. We’ll talk about asset allocation, asset location, and individual security selection.

I personally favor broad market index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) because they accomplish financial goals with minimum cost and complexity; however, you may have different needs and your portfolio may require a different solution. Every person is unique, and their portfolio should reflect this.

This fiduciary service is for individual investors, trustees of family wealth, employers who oversee retirement plans, and committees that are responsible for managing the investments of non-profit organizations. Although most clients choose to self-manage their accounts after a consultation, some request a referral to a manager to implement and maintain their strategy. I will provide asset manager referrals when asked.

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Please note that I am an investment analyst who specializes in portfolio management using low-cost index funds and ETFs. I am not a real estate expert, CPA,  or estate attorney. My services are available to US investors only. See Form ADV Part 2 for detailed information.