Being a successful investor is simple, but not easy. I’ve made it a little easier with the Core-4® Portfolio website. It’s where you’ll find a few examples of simple portfolios you can use for free.

The six Core-4® Portfolios on the separate website are composed of only four funds each, and each portfolio has four risk allocation strategies. I’ve provided a link to a questionnaire that estimates your risk tolerance level. You then select the portfolio model that suits your needs and select the funds and ETFs to fill the asset classes. Last, implement your Core-4® Portfolio at the custodian of your choice. There is no cost for personal use.

Custom Core-4® Portfolios are also available for retirement plan sponsors, fund companies, investment advisers, and other business users. A fee may apply for use of the Core-4® brand.

Moving from a complex portfolio to a simple one isn’t easy, and you may need some help. That’s where Ferri Investment Solutions comes in. My goal is to help you create a simpler and less costly portfolio that you can implement and maintain. I can assist with many aspects of investing including portfolio restructuring, asset allocation, fund selection, tax management, and other portfolio-related issues. I can also help select a low-fee investment adviser if you decide to have someone else implement the plan.

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Core-4® is a registered trademark of Rick Ferri, LLC.